Tips for Increasing Website Conversions

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People have become even more reliant on online platforms as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a new GeekWire study, 42 percent of respondents buy food online at least once a week, which is nearly double the figure from 2018. As a result of this required shift in global consumer behaviour, an increasing number of people are looking for products and services online. This shift in mentality is projected to continue even after the COVID-19 outbreak, proving the importance of your company’s online presence.

Karen Visser of Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, an SEO expert, explains all you

need to know about increasing website conversions:

  • Keep your site’s structure and information architecture clean to keep users from leaving
  • Use a mobile-friendly and responsive design to improve your search engine rankings
  • Outstanding usability to keep visitors on your site
  • An easy-to-read site design will aid readers in comprehending your message
  • Images have been optimised for greater relevancy and faster downloads
  • The whole web design has been optimised for maximum site speed
  • Use conversion-focused web design to direct visitors to the action you want them to do
  • These SEO tactics improve your site’s discoverability and attract more visitors. However, as Karen has pointed out, conversion points on website design are what actually drive sales

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization and How Does It


A solid SEO foundation will help you succeed by bringing in the organic site traffic you need to increase conversions. If your website receives a lot of traffic but little conversions, you’ll need to update the web design to increase conversions. Conversions are the actions you want visitors to take on your site, which aren’t usually purchases. The action of scheduling a meeting with a sales person, for example, is a website conversion for a business to business (B2B) company. The percentage of site visitors who convert is known as the conversion rate. This is the most important measure since it indicates how good your website is at generating qualified leads for your company. You’re taking a significant step toward increasing revenue when you design a concentrated approach to improve conversion rates.

CRO is concerned with lowering friction across all components of your website and ensuring that your digital strategy provides value to your target audience. It can be applied to your paid ad approach, but it focuses on converting website visitors into customers for web design. Conversion rate optimization web design entails developing a sales- and conversion-focused website that looks attractive and efficiently encourages qualified leads to convert on the site.

8 Web Design Best Practices for Conversion Rate


To create a conversion-focused site design, expert design and navigation are required. To convert your site visits into paying clients, you must use conversion rate optimization (CRO) best practises in your web design.

With these winning CRO best practises, you may get

more sales from your website traffic.

1. Use a strong call-to-action (CTA)

Your CTA button acts as a clear, actionable next step in the conversion process. The design of this button should be appealing and carefully placed to entice visitors to take the next step in their buying decision.

2. Incorporate easy-to-use contact forms

In order to contact your leads, you must always collect information in accordance with your CTA. It’s normal for people to be put off by lengthy information fields, so keep the forms brief so that visitors can complete them fast.

3. Make your homepage a top priority

Visitors to your site spend 5.94 seconds on the main image, and more than half of their time on the page is spent above the fold. To keep people engaged, you need an exceptional homepage that includes your value proposition.

4. Keep an eye on the responsiveness of your website to mobile devices

Mobile traffic accounts for 16% of total online traffic, and 57% of users will not suggest a company that has a badly designed mobile site. You’ll be able to capture your target audience on mobile devices if you keep an eye on your mobile responsiveness.

5. Maintain quick page loading times

47 percent of consumers anticipate a loading time of little more than two seconds before leaving the page. To position your company as an industry leader and to reaffirm your site visitors’ trust in your brand, you’ll need a quick and dependable web hosting solution.

6. Make Use of White Space

White space isn’t just empty space; it’s an important aspect of your web design that encourages visitors to stay and browse. It acts as a visual break for your site visits, preventing them from becoming too overwhelming.

7. Showcase Symbols of Trust

On your website, trust symbols are graphic features that imply credibility and trustworthiness. Security badges, client testimonials, brand alliances, and accolades are examples of social proof and consumer confidence tools.

8. A/B testing is done on a regular basis

We’ve given some of the most effective conversion points for website design, but each website’s implementation will be different. A/B testing every design aspect to identify which version offers the greatest results is the most critical step in optimizing for conversions.

Create a web design strategy that is focused on sales.

After you’ve made the necessary modifications to your website’s design to boost conversions, you can use conversion rate optimization web design approaches to your overall digital strategy to boost CRO.

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