6 Ways to Boost Sales by Improving Your Website Design

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6 Ways to Boost Sales by Improving Your Website Design

Year after year, the eCommerce industry expands rapidly. However, this does not necessarily imply that your eCommerce business is growing at the rate you desire. Whether your sales are languishing or performing well, the majority of firms want to increase their revenue faster.

One of the most effective growth tools for an eCommerce firm is good site design. From your company’s logo to your website’s aesthetic and usability to your marketing brochures, every component of your eCommerce business must be thoughtfully designed to maximise the user experience. Poor design, on the other hand, can put your company out of business.

  1. Improve the speed with which your website loads.

Your online store is only as good as your website. Visitors will leave before you have a chance to make your pitch if they are faced with poor design and excruciatingly slow load rates. According to Stanford University research, 75% of internet users will judge a company’s credibility purely based on the appearance of its website. According to a Kissmetrics infographic, you’ve already lost 25% of your potential viewers by the time your website reaches 4 seconds of loading time. This is a dangerous figure, because many first-time ecommerce enterprises do not put enough money and effort into their website creation to overcome this hurdle.

“Data-intensive graphics and photographs take far longer to load on an eCommerce website than a sleek, neatly designed website with limited visuals,” Lundin argues. “The message here isn’t that photographs and graphic elements should be removed from your eCommerce website design. The moral of the storey is to employ design elements wisely for maximum impact and faster load rates.”

Many eCommerce stores include a lot of photos. “Make sure your photo file sizes are kept as small as possible while maintaining acceptable quality.” Color, white space, and text used with care and meaning may go a long way. Add a few brand-specific graphic components and you’ve got yourself a website that’s easy to navigate,” Lundin says.

2. Remarketing advertising and email campaigns can be used to target existing


Selling to existing clients is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Focus some of your marketing efforts on obtaining repeat sales from your current clients if you want to develop your eCommerce business quickly. Remarketing advertisements and email campaigns are two excellent ways to engage with previous clients.

“Remarketing advertising from Google target users who have already visited your website. This means that the people who see these ads are more likely to be receptive to your message because they’ve previously sought out your company on their own,” explains Lundin. “An eye-catching ad design that is entrenched in your visual identity can help to keep your business fresh in the thoughts of your customers.”

When you combine a great design with a great offer, customers will rush to your site to take advantage.” You might also want to try sending an email campaign to prior consumers. Email remains a powerful method for communicating with customers, particularly web-savvy, smartphone-wielding clients who are comfortable shopping online.

You might also want to try sending an email campaign to prior consumers. Email remains a powerful method for communicating with customers, particularly web-savvy, smartphone-wielding clients who are comfortable shopping online.

3. Make sure your eCommerce store is mobile-friendly

People’s attitudes toward the Internet have shifted. Over time, the number of individuals using PCs to access the internet has decreased drastically, while the number of people using mobile devices has increased tremendously. As of November 2016, mobile devices had overtaken desktop computers as the most popular method of accessing the internet, particularly among younger people.

“You must optimise your eCommerce site for mobile users when you design it.” Otherwise, you will be out of date and lose customers. The design of your eCommerce site should be mobile-friendly. This implies it must be designed to adapt to the size and shape of every screen it may show on. The greatest responsive websites are not just adaptable to changing screen widths, but also intuitive and simple to use. As a result, Lundin advises, “make sure you hire a creative professional designer to assist your eCommerce business in implementing its flexible website design.”

4. Make the most of the landing page’s potential

If you’re serious about growing your eCommerce business, you’ll need to embrace the landing page. A landing page is a web page dedicated solely to promoting a particular product or service. And, unlike a typical website homepage, each element is laser-focused on a single call to action and purposefully designed to convert a browser into a buyer.

“On your website, create a distinct landing page for each marketing offer and product. You may even make landing pages for certain target audiences. People who search for your goods online will be sent to a page that is tailored to their individual requirements and perspectives,” Lundin says. “Remember to remove distractions, create a clear call to action, and make it easy for the customer to complete that call to action with a purchase when developing landing pages for your eCommerce website,” she writes.

5. To increase revenue, recover abandoned shopping carts

“The shopping cart is the final barrier between a potential consumer and a sale in every eCommerce store.” Shopping cart abandonment is a problem that all eCommerce firms have to deal with. Customers “fill up their carts with things — and then vanish,” according to Lundin.

Cart abandonment can occur for a variety of reasons, including delivery price shock, a perplexing check-out process, and storing items in the cart with the intention of purchasing later. Great design, on the other hand, can help you turn those almost-sales into actual sales. Lundin recommends that you start by looking for the following problems in your shopping cart design:

  • Is it perplexing?
  • Is there an excessive number of steps to complete?
  • Is it taking too long to load?
  • Is the procedure clumsy or time-consuming?

“Ask a lot of individuals to look through your check-out procedure. As you go through the procedure, keep track of any concerns you come across. Even slight annoyances can turn off some clients. And these annoyances will serve as your guideposts for future improvements,” Lundin suggests. “Redesign your shopping cart’s interface to remove the friction areas you’ve identified.” Keep in mind that simplicity is preferable to complexity. Transparency is preferable than mystery.”

Customers will be delighted if they have to perform less work. They’ll also appreciate knowing where they stand in the checkout process and how much work remains. Smart design enhances the user experience, converting “almost-there” shoppers into long-term clients. And that’ll help you expand your eCommerce business quickly.

6. To increase client trust, provide social proof

“Human beings are social creatures. We all want to be a part of something. Seeing other people share a particular viewpoint motivates us to do so as well. “Leave room for client testimonials and reviews when creating your eCommerce website,” Lundin says.

Testimonials and reviews demonstrate that others have gone before you and were pleased with their decision, providing new customers the courage to take the leap. When incorporating reviews on your site, Lundin recommends keeping the following design concerns in mind:

  • Testimonials should be prominently shown. They shouldn’t be so prominent that they dominate your call to action, but they should be easy to locate.
  • When feasible, include a photo of the cited customer (after obtaining their permission!). Seeing a person’s face beside a quote allows others to connect with them and view them as real people, which creates trust.
  • Make sure to select an easy-to-read testimonial font. It’s enjoyable to be fancy, but legible simplicity is preferable.

A “best-sellers” section is another excellent technique to provide social evidence. “Not everyone who visits your site knows exactly what they’re looking for,” Lundin observes. “It might be daunting, especially for a new buyer, if your organisation sells a vast choice of things.” When someone visits your website, they should be drawn to the most popular products.

The best-sellers part of your website should be easy to find and navigate, as well as visually connected with the rest of your site.”

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