10 New YouTube Features You Should Update in 2023

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Ten new youtube feature you should update in 2023

YouTube doesn’t need any introduction at all, it’s a part of our daily entertainment from kids to senior citizens. Also, most people love to create videos on YouTube as their career and entertain people professionally, they are called YouTubers.

It might seem easy to become a YouTuber, but it requires a minimum investment, more hard work, and 24/7 of your personal time initially. And importantly you need to know that you will not earn any income at the initial time. If you post videos consistently, you can see income gradually after a particular time period.

Since YouTube is growing to a higher extent, we can expect a high level of competition. At the same instant, your content and creativity should be as high as possible.

Moreover, you have to upgrade yourself to the YouTube updates that unveil now and then.

If you want to shine on this platform, whether you like the latest YouTube change or not, you should adapt to it. In this regard, YouTube has now released some new updates for YouTubers in 2023, which we are going to discuss here elaborately.

10 New YouTube Features You Must Know

As a YouTuber, you should be aware of the new updates from YouTube that happen often.
This article will give you full-on information about New YouTube Features 2023. Scroll down further to get detailed information on the 10 New latest Features of YouTube.

1. YouTube shorts

Initially, the YouTube shorts was launched in India on September 14th, 2020. In 2021 and 2022, the short-form video should be around 15 seconds or less. Currently, YouTube shorts has 1.5 billion monthly active users and seems more than 30 billion daily views.

In the early time, short content was an opportunity to convert viewers into subscribers for your channel and it is the gateway to get views for long-form content. Now YouTube has started monetization separately for the shorts as well. And increased the video length to 60 seconds or less.

However, if you use music in your shorts, it will be limited to 15 seconds only. It is expected that short-form videos will show more growth in 2023, as per HubSpot. And these shorts will cover 80% of all mobile data traffic and you might know that YouTube starts
monetizing with 45% of the revenue split.

2. YouTube Channel Redesign

YouTube’s new redesign is built to feel more like Television. That is, the thumbnails are provided with rounded corners. It may not be a major change, but it brings some sort of perfection to your videos. Moreover, the videos, shorts, and live tab are separated now with better organization.

3. YouTube Stories

It is almost similar to the story formats on Snapchat, Instagram, and other Social Media Platforms. YouTube has announced that it may take up to 4 weeks for the stories feature to roll out to some creators after they reach the 10,000 subscriber threshold. Stories are short and mobile-only videos that allow you to connect with your target audience. These YouTube stories will expire in 7 days. However, the story creators can view the comments for 30 days in YouTube Studio.

If you are striving hard to achieve a maximum of the YouTube stories, follow these few steps.
– Set reminders once per week.
– Create a few stories.
– Use the video sticker CTA.
– Use the mentioned sticker CTA.

4. Community Tab

In order to access the community tab, you need to have 500 subscribers or enable access to advanced features on your channel. It will take up to one week to get approved for the community tab after reaching 500 subscribers, or up to 48 hours after gaining access to Advanced features.

If your channel’s audience is set as “Made for Kids,” your comments section will be disabled.

And, the Community tab will only be visible to you and not your viewers. You also can’t create new posts but will be able to view past posts. In the community tab, you have the option to post up to 5 images, an image poll, a text poll, and a video.

5. YouTube Handles

It is a brand-new method for YouTube users and creators to discover and interact with one another. Unlike handles, which are distinct and begin with the “@” symbol or Social media links, YouTube channels cannot share the same channel name.

6. Update Your YouTube Apps

Both apps like YouTube and YouTube studio are important to update occasionally. While the YouTube app is used to create stories, shorts, etc. On the other hand, the YouTube studio app helps to create thumbnails based on your style and target audience.

A URL that you can share with others is generated when you share a playlist. It can be disseminated via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You must first invite your friends to watch any private videos that are on your playlist.

8. Custom Emotes for Live Streaming

Now YouTube is bringing custom global emotes for live chats and comments. Users can click
the smiling face icon in the chat or comment section to use the emotes. The YouTube Emotes will be
available in the emoji picker option if the user is a subscriber to a channel that offers personalized

9. New YouTube Analytics Feature

The three new features in YouTube analytics research are watch interest, watch activity, and
personalized insights. It intends to help creators identify the areas of interest to the audience.
– The watch interest helps the YouTubers to find top, trending videos and topics.
– Watch activity focus on what type of content a creator’s audience is expecting and it is used
to scale interest in related types of content.
– Personalized insights provide insights based on audience interests or the saved videos.
– A few things you should notice while using the YouTube Analytics feature, are

 Your content data is divided into daily videos, shorts, live, and posts.
 Channels your audience watches.
 Content your audience watches in videos, shorts, and live.
 Videos growing your audience.
 Use the Research tap.
 Find the best time to post your videos.

10. Uploading Progress Bar

YouTube is now showing the estimated time for uploading the video with a timer and a
progress bar. However, the estimated time for the quality processing part was unavailable until now.
In the video-sharing platform, you can see the time left for users to upload the video in full quantity.
You can also get separate readouts for different video qualities.

Hope you get overall information about the huge changes in YouTube. You can check more blogs related Youtube on

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