Tiered Link Building

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Tiered Link Building

Tiered Link Building is all about creating backlinks to your website through a tiered system. It basically means building links from a variety of sources to your website. It has multiple ways to incorporate links, which are generally considered “White Hat” tactics.

Without any negative impact, it increases the google rankings and makes high changes in website traffic. Additionally, the tiered link-building method allows you to send equity both directly and indirectly to your main web page in order to enhance rankings in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The main goal of Tiered Link Building is to increase the link equity passed from your backlink profile to your main website. In “black hat” SEO techniques, tiered link building has been used to manipulate backlinks and boost higher rankings.

Tiered link building stands greatly as a result of all the modifications Google made to get rid of “black hat” SEO techniques. Scroll down this page further to get more relevant information on link building.

Steps in Tiered Link Building

The tiered link-building tactics consist of three steps in the way to build backlinks for SEO purposes.

  • Tier 1 backlinks
  • Tier 2 backlinks
  • Tier 3 backlinks

Here the tier 1 backlinks point to your main website (e.g. homepage or individual web page URL), tier 2 backlinks points to the tier 1 backlink and tier 3 backlinks pointing to the tier 2 backlink.

Tier 1 Backlinks:

As said above, first-tier backlinks point directly to the website. Therefore, it is considered to be the highest quality link to increase the page rank value for SEO. In this first step process, you should focus on quality, relevance, and context for each link you acquire for your website.

Tier 1 backlinks always go with do-follow backlinks to transfer the page rank value. The main job of the tier 1 backlinks is to go directly to your website’s homepage. In this method, backlinks increase the domain authority or individual URLs to improve the page authority metrics.

Examples of tier 1 backlinks

  • Editorial links on high domain authority sites.
  • Contextual backlinks on high-page authority blog posts.
  • .EDU backlinks from colleges and universities.
  • .GOV backlinks from local, state, and federal government sites.

Tier 2 Backlinks:

It is the second most important backlink point to your first-tier backlink. Compared to the first-tier backlink, you should not be more focused on quality. Because tier 2 backlinks not directly sending link equity to your website.

The main activity of the second-tier backlinks is to raise the page value of the tier 1 link. In quality and quantity wise, the tier 2 link building accepts all that is not in the spam list. The tier 2 links are mostly a kind of mix do follow and no follow links.

Examples of tier 2 backlinks

  • Web 2.0 links
  • Directory links
  • Profile links
  • Social bookmark links
  • PBN links
  • Press release links

Tier 3 Backlinks:

Tier 3 link building is the end of creating backlinks, which point to your tier 2 backlinks. As per the report of SEO experts and link-building agencies, the tier 3 backlinks will be considered to be the quantity of the links built without any regard for the quality, relevance, or context. In addition to that, you have to create many links as possible within the shortest span of time to boost up your tier 2 links.

This final stage of backlink creation requires automated backlinking tools such as GSA or RankerX. It will be a great tool to create thousands of links per day. The link equity pass through the tier 2 backlinks is too low, that it only focuses on the quantity. This is the reason behind creating many backlinks in tier 3. Among these backlinks, most of it is no follow backlinks with less page rank value.

Moreover, a less number of automated backlinks will get indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Also, the algorithms point few of them as spam links and remove that. In this link-building procedure, you should not point it to tier-1 or the main website in any case which is not built for that purpose.

Examples of tier 3 backlinks

  • Blog comment links
  • Forum links
  • Low-quality article directory links
  • Profile links

Advantages of Tiered Link Building

Easy to Build:

It is an easy strategy to get more results in ranking. However, proper link building is not easy to create there are many white hat SEO techniques as said above.

Healthy Backlink Profile:

It seems to be a more healthier method in SEO because there are fewer links in the first tier. If you create thousands of backlinks on the new website, it looks awkward and artificial. But if you do it in tiers 2 and 3, your backlink profile doesn’t seem clumsy.

Risk Management Protection:

In some cases, your site will be affected by severe algorithm penalties. It is due to the separation of websites and lower quality backlinks at tier 2 and tier 3 levels. If you find it in the SERP stage, you should immediately delete that to avoid penalties.

Cheap Link Equity for SEO:

Many websites charge you to put a backlink to your home page or individual web page. In such times, getting quality links can be expensive. The tiered link-building method allows you to create cheap link equity for SEO.

Increase in Rank:

In tiered link building, it will boost your website in search engine rankings. For this reason, it is used by website owners, link-building agencies and SEO experts. It works to increase the rankings for target keywords in the SERPs.

Risks Possibilities in Tiered Backlinks

Slower Ranking Rate:

In each degree of separation between your website and incoming links, there will be slower ranking improvements noticed in the SERPs. It takes more time to find backlinks from search engines like google, assesses their quality, and transfer that PageRank value to the target URL.

Costs in Link Building:

It costs more money in the form of link-building outreach and automated backlinking tools. Therefore, you keep some finances for this SEO strategy.


It takes a lot of time and effort to set up a tiered link-building network. And it always requires maintenance to protect your website. As said above, sometimes it gets penalties. At that time, it will a double task to remove the link from your website’s backlink profile and create a new one.

Opportunity Cost:

Sometimes it is better to invest in other digital marketing strategies to grow your website, like writing high-quality content that attracts organic backlinks, rather than spending time on building tiered backlinks.

Penalty Risk:

The first risk to be noticed is the penalty from google on building tiered link-building SEO. Technically, this tactic is a “black hat SEO link scheme” that contravenes Google’s webmaster guidelines. Your website as a whole, or specific web pages, could be deindexed from the search engine results pages if a member of the Web Spam team examines your website’s backlink profile and suspects a link scheme like this is being employed.

Note: I hope the information narrated above on tiered link building will be helpful. Stay tuned to our website to get more updates on SEO, Website Development, Digital Marketing etc. And as a Web Development Agency, we are providing this Tiered Link Building Service at low cost. If required, contact as in our office hours.

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