How Much Does an e-Commerce Website Cost?

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How Much Does an e-Commerce Website Cost

When it comes to launching an e-commerce website, one of the most important considerations is the cost. While there are many factors that can impact the final price of an e-commerce website, it’s important to work with a professional web designing company in Delhi that can provide you with the best possible services and guidance.

The best web designing company in Delhi can help you navigate the complexities of designing and launching an e-commerce website, including choosing the right platform, implementing secure payment gateways, and designing a user-friendly interface. They can also help you optimize your website for search engines and ensure that it is mobile-friendly and responsive.

While the cost of an e-commerce website can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the website, the number of products being sold, and the complexity of the design, working with a professional web designing company in Delhi can help you create a website that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Important note to Build a website

First of all, you have to keep in mind the goals and extent of your website. You have to see each and every element of the website you want to create in minute detail. The cost of making a website is not definite. It varies according to the scale of your website.

Roughly an e–commerce website will cost somewhere between $5000 and $200000. Now this estimate is obviously not very specific. The reason or it is as stated above is that we don’t know the goals, scale, and extent of the website we are talking about yet.

  • To reach a reasonable scale of cost, first, you have to ask these questions to yourself
  • What do I want the scale of my website to be?
  • What kind of traffic am I expecting?
  • How soon do I want the website to get ready?
  • Do I want to customize my website or do I want to use a platform for making websites like Shopify?
  • How much emphasis do I want to put on the website design?
  • What additional features do I want for the website?
  • How many products will be listed on the website?
  • What kind of marketing strategy do I want to follow?

You will have to answer these and maybe some other questions to get the correct cost range for your website. Keep reading this article to know how certain stages or decisions affect your e-commerce website.

The scale of Your e-Commerce Website and Suitable Method of Development

The internet has different types of websites. You will find some websites revolving around only one product and you will find others providing everything that exists. These websites have different goals and scales, which leads to different costs for designing these websites.

One way to estimate your cost is to see where you stand on the e-commerce landscape. Are you a mere startup with not so much money to spend? Or are you a massive startup with a sufficient amount of capital? Or are you an already established business trying to make a similarly established virtual presence? The key to knowing your cost range is your financial independence.

Another important consideration is the website’s construction process. Open -Source and SaaS eCommerce platforms, as well as custom eCommerce development, are the options. These strategies each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, which you’ll learn more about as we progress through the article.

Cost Breakdown of e-Commerce Websites

The picture above gives you an insight as to how your cost will vary according to the scale of your business.

  1. According to design: small scale – <$1000, medium scale – $1000 to $5000, large scale – $10000 to $800000
  2. According to functionality: small scale – <$2000, medium scale – $5000 to $12000, large scale – $20000 to $100000
  3. According to fulfillment: small scale-free, medium scale – $30 to $400, large scale – $20000 to $100000
  4. According to marketing: small scale – $0 to $500, medium scale – $500 to $2000, large scale – $5000
  5. According to maintenance: small scale – $0 to $500, medium scale – $500 to $1250, large scale – $3600 to $12000
  6. According to essentials: small scale – $300, medium scale – $6000, large scale – $10000

 If you want a low cost for a low-scale business, you can go to SaaS e-commerce platforms. They will save you time and money. But it might be a disadvantage in terms of customization.

On the other hand, the sky is the limit when it comes to customization. You can customize the design, time, and cost of everything. It is very flexible.

Now let’s see how different elements of an e-commerce website affect cost.

Design: Cost of Website Cosmetics

If your design is different, it will drive more traffic to your website. On the other hand, if the design is boring and difficult to use users will be tempted to leave your website.

Platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify give you inbuilt templates for your website. These types of platforms are advantageous to those who have a low budget. However the cookie–cutter options always tend to be insufficient.

Another option is to buy the themes from Shopify. These themes will cost you somewhere between $100-$150. They are better than the free ones. You can even customize them and the estimated amount for that will be $1000. If the customization is for a wider range it might cost you around $5000 too.

The cost for customized design start from $10000 and can go even higher. The cost may vary according to the features.

Functionality: the Price Varies for Basic and Advanced e-Commerce Features

Every website, no matter the scale, needs some basic functionalities. These functionalities include product management, a shopping cart, a payment module, etc.

If you are going for an e-commerce website you will have to look into these functionalities. But who wants a cookie-cutter website right?

The free ones aren’t very good. So the simplest and best solution is customization.

Basic Features: SaaS Platforms

Just like for themes you can customize your ad on the platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify too. Typically it will cost you somewhere between $5000 and $15000. they can even build add-ons from scratch.

But most website owners don’t want to settle for features provided by platforms like these. Everyone wants a site that provides features like wishlists and discounts available.

Basic Features: Custom Development

The cost for customization of features for e-commerce websites is between $20000 to $30000. These features include payment portals, product management, and many more.

Advanced Features: Custom Development

However, if you want to customize advanced features it will cost you up to $10000 to $16000. These features include wishlist management, discount management, etc.

Fulfillment: the Cost of Tying in Digital and Physical Ends of a Store

After designing your website, you have to fulfill your promises to the customers too. These include good customer service, delivery on time, and many more. If you don’t hold your end of the bargain you might end up losing the game.

Fulfillment service will be the backbone of your business. You will have to make sure that the fulfillment software is in sync with your website.

It should seamlessly interact with the delivery partners. Update the inventory status and generate correct invoices and many more such things.

You can have fulfillment software or get customized one. Subscriptions are on a monthly basis generally.

If you decide to have a customized one the cost will be around $5000. While for software it will be $30 to $400.

In conclusion, the cost of an e-commerce website can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the size and complexity of the site, the design and development needs, and the level of customization required. While there is no fixed cost for an e-commerce website, it’s important to work with an experienced web design agency that can help you determine your specific needs and provide you with a customized quote. At My Digital Sketch, we understand the importance of providing cost-effective e-commerce website solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Our team of experienced web designers and developers is committed to providing affordable website design and development services that meet the unique needs of your business. We use the latest technologies and development platforms to create e-commerce websites that are visually stunning, easy to navigate, and optimized for sales. Contact us today to learn more about our cost-effective e-commerce website solutions and how we can help you take your online business to the next level.

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