Ten reasons why you should incorporate video into your social media strategy

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  1. Distribute Breaking News

According to a Hootsuite study, nearly half of American citizens use at least one social media channel to communicate with businesses. As a result, using social media to announce and communicate your most important news via video is a terrific idea. Using video to clarify topics and provide intriguing insights into your business on social media can help you convey things that might otherwise be difficult to communicate. The benefit of shattering your content is that you may maintain momentum when delivering your news, resulting in a greater impact.

2. Brand Awareness

Logos are important because they serve as a link between a firm and its customers, and their use in films is no exception. After all, you want to make sure your brand gets the most exposure possible. Watermarking your videos with your logo is essential for ensuring rapid brand identification, adding associative meaning to social media efforts, and gradually building corporate identity and trust.

3. Boost your brand’s visibility

Imagine how much a video is worth if a picture is worth 1000 words. Being topical is one thing, but if the quality of your film isn’t up to par, it’s worthless. Poor audio and video quality tarnishes your message’s trustworthiness and can quickly create bad brand connections. However, by removing background noise and low-resolution images, you can dramatically increase user interaction. Because there’s so much noise out there, it’s critical that you accommodate to viewers’ short attention spans by offering them fewer reasons to leave.

4. Personify your company

Videos are a terrific way to show your followers the people and processes behind the scenes of your company, adding to the transparency of your brand. If you can humanize what you do, it’s a terrific depiction of the firm; after all, people conduct business with people. Behind-the-scenes movies show how you work and familiarize prospects with the individuals that work for you, indicating why they should want to work with you. People who engage with you will begin to tune out if your content is not diverse, human, or interesting enough if you continue to post only business-related stuff.

5. Keep an eye on your engagement.

It’s critical to track the progress of your video to see what works and, more crucially, what doesn’t. Whether your videos are part of a paid campaign or are organically posted, their success should help you with future video marketing efforts. Analytic elements are included into most social media platforms. While views and shares are strong indicators of your video’s popularity, be sure to keep an eye on click throughs and whether or not your desired call to action is working.

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